Updated Guidance SiP 001 Port and Terminal Planning (Workplace Transport)

Published: Friday, April 13, 2018 - 11:48

The development of practical, user guidance is a key part of our work in the industry.  We commit to the creation of new guidance that reflects the continuously evolving port workplace to keep our guidance appropriate and current.  Following a joint review by industry professionals, the HSE and Unite the Union we are delighted to issue this new guidance on  Port and Terminal Planning (Workplace Transport)  

This guidance highlights the hazards associated with  Port and Terminal Planning (Workplace Transport)It addresses topics including:

  • Regulatory framework and guidance
  • Health
  • Risk assessment
  • Transport management
  • Specific hazards such as pits, bins, explosive, Plug-in electrical and heated cargo units
  • parking/ collection of trailers

This guidance is essential for members in demonstrating their duty of care and compliance when, 

  • Planing new operations
  • Monitoring existing controls
  • creating, reviewing & updating risk assessments
  • Conducting inductions & refresher trainings
  • Creating toolbox talks for employees
  • Referencing for accident investigations