UK Chamber of Shipping Publishes 10 Vehicle Deck Rules

Published: Wednesday, December 22, 2021 - 13:50

Members may remember that in October 2021, Port Skills and Safety held a RoRo health and safety workshop in Hull which featured a series of presentations on vehicle and RoRo operations. One such presentation was delivered by Louise Sara, chair of the Vehicle Deck Safety Committee at the Chamber of Shipping, who introduced the Chamber’s ten golden rules for Vehicle Deck Safety. These rules have now been formally published and available for members to reference at their convenience.


The primary focus of “Ten Golden Rules for Vehicle Deck Workers” is on the Human Element Factors that underpin many incidents in the workplace. Items such as remaining visible in areas of vehicle operation and consistent, industry agreed hand signals are designed to reduce or eliminate entirely preventable mistakes that could lead to injury.

Vehicle Deck Safety Rules

The rules were developed with the assistance of PSS to ensure that work streams in Vehicle Deck Safety are fully aligned to drive consistency between deck and land, and to avoid ambiguity across industries.


Further to their digital publication, the Chamber of Shipping will be producing a pocketbook guide in early 2022 to provide further background on each rule and encourage safe implementation.


In addition to these ‘golden rules’, PSS has produced material looking at vehicle safety on the quayside, including SiP document guidance and examples of RoRo accidents in the UK and abroad. To view this material, click here, or alternatively submit a member enquiry here.