Published: Friday, August 24, 2018 - 11:54





 At Forth Ports, we have had our ‘Safety F1rst: one team one goal’ initiative for approximately five years. Over this period we have seen a reduction in incidents and an increase in safety observations, though we have seemed to reach a plateau in recent years. For 2018, a key focus is on growing communication and engagement; to do this we are focussing on our messaging and trying to increase the number and quality of safety observations. The approach we have adopted to tackle this has created a reward for the best safety observations (in our Scottish Ports and the Port of Tilbury) each quarter and to change the way we communicate incident and observations data.

So far, 4 of our employees have won a £100 voucher of their choice for the best observations in quarters one and two. This is communicated along with our incidents statistics, presented in a colourful incident triangle format, along with the silhouette of a person and a description of which parts of the body have been hurt on our sites in the quarter in Scotland and Tilbury. This is issued for noticeboards and coincides with our quarterly ‘Time to Reflect’ briefing, issued by our COO. The quality and number of our safety observations have significantly improved, driving a number of investigations and significant improvements – without anyone getting hurt; what we call ‘free learning’. The feedback from our ‘time to reflect’ communications have been positive so far. When coupled with other activities, we hope this may assist us to break through the incident plateau.   Derek McGlashan, Group Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Forth Ports

Effective safety observation programs are a proactive approach to managing Health Safety and Environmental hazards within organisations and are one of the key leading indicators for creating a positive safety culture in an organisation. Additionally, It also provides fantastic opportunities for positive worker engagement and demonstrating strong leadership and commitment to company values.

We commend Forth Ports on their Safety F1rst, safety observation program and wish them continued success in this initiative. Well done to John, Dean and the other winners at Forth Ports!