SiP Impact Survey

Published: Friday, September 11, 2020 - 15:17
SiP Survey


In July 2020, Robert Mitchelmore and PSS published their review of the use of Safety in Ports Guidance Documents in the workplace. The purpose of the review was to explore the Health & Safety Executive's challenge to "Ensure Safety in Ports guidance documents (SiPs) are being utilised and that everyone is committed to and following them".

  • The ports surveyed, averaged an excellent 93% full compliance with SiP documents. However, we can always do better as an industry and PSS has built on and expanded this initiative to help more ports identify and action opportunities for continuous improvement.

The SiP Impact Survey is purpose built to scrutinise the use of SiPs in individual ports and encourage an increase in compliance across the sector.

We are calling for volunteer ports to take part in this venture to increase awareness of areas of key health and safety risks and promote best practice.




SiP Impact Survey 

Given the current climate, the survey will take place in two phases, beginning September 2020.

Phase one is a remote questionnaire which allows managers and workforce to self-identify adherence to SiPs.

Phase two is an on-site SiP Analysis Tool used by PSS in partnership with port staff, to examine the practical implementation of SiPs on site.

Phase one

  • Remote one-to-one discussion with PSS Health, Safety, and Skills Coordinator Marcio Goncalves, who will brief participants on their role within the survey and what is required of them during the process.
  • On-line questionnaire and open questions covering SiP effectiveness and its application to the organisation.

In order for us to collect a wider survey sample, participants are encouraged to distribute these questionnaires to all members of their organisation. From heads of department to apprentices, the wider the survey sample, the more applicable the results will be.


Phase two

SiP Analysis Tool designed to monitor the effectiveness and implementation of SiP documents on the ground.

  • Participants select two operational and two non-operational SiP documents to test at their port.
  • They canvas awareness levels of the chosen SiP documents at their port. For example, if workers know about the SiP guidelines on a particular subject, it is a good indicator of the culture of safety and communication in the organisation.
  • PSS visits the port and conducts the SiP Analysis process in partnership with managers and workers on the ground. 
  • Findings from the phase one questionnaire and the SiP Analysis Tool are discussed in confidence with the main contact at the port.  The port uses the findings to identify any actions that they wish to take to improve compliance with SiPs and heighten safety awareness in their organisation.

The port uses the survey findings to identify any actions they wish to take to improve compliance with SiPs and heighten safety awareness in their organisation.

Benefits for the industry

The SiP Impact Survey represents an excellent opportunity to build even closer ties with members, as well as helping ports to improve their safety systems and culture.

We will share all the examples of best practice that we find.

We will share the - anonymised - lessons and themes that come from the individual port surveys, so that everyone can learn and ensure that lessons stay learnt.  

We strongly encourage all our members to take full advantage of the survey, which will not only yield benefits for individual ports but across the industry as well.

To take part, please contact PSS Health, Safety and Skills Coordinator Marcio Goncalves.

Marcio Goncalves | | 020 7260 1790