Recognition of lower vibration tools: Joint Research Workshop

Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 16:10

Recognition of lower vibration tools: Joint Research Workshop

HSE have an open invitation to a structured workshop to discuss the development of a scheme whereby lower vibration tools can be identified and acknowledged in an independent way.

To help employers and users better identify and manage vibration risk, HSE recently published a table of recommended initial vibration values

These recommended vibration values for common tool types help make a cautious initial estimate of vibration exposure. Publication of the table has stimulated responses from several good manufacturers, who say that their tools are in the lower part of, or below the vibration range reported in the HSE table, and they want HSE to recognise their lower vibration products. This workshop will explore ways to develop a financially viable scheme that facilitates recognition of lower vibration tools in an independent and unbiased way.

Workshop arrangements

Date: Friday 23rd February 2018
Venue: HSE, Harpur Hill, Buxton, SK17 9JN
10 am arrive/coffee,
10:30 am - 3:00 pm


Benefits of participating:

The workshop is an opportunity to influence the scope of work and approach taken, network with others with interest in the topic and hear up to date information including the regulator’s perspective.

It is in stakeholders’ interests that the lower vibration models of tool types are easily identified and used:

  • Employers will be better able to identify and select low vibration tools and reduce risk of liabilities.
  • Workers will be exposed to lower levels of harmful vibration and reduce risk of harm.
  • Manufacturers of low vibration tools may increase market share.

If you would be interested in attending and/or contributing, either ‘in-kind’ or financially, to this programme of work please contact:

Sue Hewitt
Tel: 0203 028 2217




Recognition of lower vibration tools - invitation 23rd Feb 2018 final version PDF (220.72 KB) Download (220.72 KB)