PSS welcomes new Chair, David Brown

Published: Thursday, January 2, 2020 - 13:46

We are delighted to welcome David Brown to the Chair of Port Skills and safety Ltd. 

David is Chief Executive Officer at The Bristol Port Company.  David joined The Bristol Port Company in October 2008 as the Operations Director and was appointed as its Chief Executive Officer in 2016.


In his opening message to the PSS membership David said:


Dear Colleague

Happy New Year and I hope all members had a very enjoyable festive break. 

I am delighted to be taking over the role of PSS Chair from Tim Clarke who I would like to thank sincerely and publicly, on your behalf, for all his guidance, skill, tact and diplomacy in really driving forward our safety agenda both within our sector and across the wider maritime sector. 

PSS members have achieved some outstanding collective output in recent years, but the job is not yet done.  Against the backdrop of 8 fatalities in our sector in 2019 both ports and HSE, quite understandably, want to see ever more effective tangible action across the whole sector.

It is my intention to support Richard and the team to build on the rigour and work that has already been done and to amplify our messages more loudly across the whole maritime sector.

I believe an effective Chair is only as good as the members they represent so, from the outset, I am extremely keen to hear your views, ideas and thoughts.  Ultimately our impact, influence and success must be greater than the sum of our parts.   And therefore we must articulate the benefits of being PSS members to new audiences, with refreshed messages.

As a first step, I ask that you complete the survey following the link below.  We will use your replies to benchmark where we are now and to inform our plans over the next two years.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate.  PSS has always been and in my time as chair will continue to be about listening, sharing and working together on behalf of the whole industry.

Having only been in the industry for just over a decade the one thing I have learnt is that, as a sector, we are not shy in articulating in our views.  So please shout loudly and I promise along with Richard, Rean, Sharon and new team members Marcio and Robert (welcome both!) will all be listening.

All the best

David Brown

Chair, Port Skills and Safety



Please click the green button below to take the survey.

PSS Member Survey: How are we doing on Safety, Skills, Health, Mental Health and Culture in the port sector?