PSS Sector Plan - Safety, Physical Health, Mental Health, Culture & Skills

Published: Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - 09:00



We are excited to officially launch the Port Sector Plan.  Port industry leaders have challenged us to work with the whole membership to demonstrate collective health and safety commitment to all of our stakeholders and from that, to jointly lead our strategy of raising standards in UK Ports, proactively instead of reactively.

Since 2000, statutory reportable accidents in ports have reduced by 59%.  Ports have become safer, but nobody thinks that the job is done. Our industry has made huge progress but is on a plateau and the new Sector plan is the practical means of bringing this vision to pass in a goal orientated and measurable way.  This Sector Plan, developed in consultation with PSS members, provides a means of:

  • Voluntarily and proactively demonstrating to stakeholders, such as the HSE, that our industry is meeting its duties and has the expertise and drive to deliver continuous improvement
  • Setting and measuring industry targets
  • Better understanding where and how to take new/continuous improvement action

The Port Sector Plan is modelled upon the HSE’s own approach; high level and sector-wide. It is supported by the British Ports Association and UK Major Ports Group.  It links directly to the five PSS workstreams: Safety, Skills, Culture, Health and Mental Health which form a coherent, interlocking ‘Whole Person’ approach to safer and healthier port work. 





PSS Sector Plan 2019 PDF (236.21 KB) Download (236.21 KB)
Port Industry Health and Safety Achievements PDF (1.28 MB) Download (1.28 MB)