PSS Safety Poster & Toolbox talk materials - Workplace Transport & Safety

Published: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 11:10

PSS Poster on Major Incident Category 'Workplace Transport Safety' - Ready for Download


Workplace transport is currently one of the top incident categories in UK Ports with an average of 1786 workdays lost to the industry. Sadly, workplace transport also accounted for 30 fatalities in the wider UK industry, making it second only to falls from height for fatal injuries.

This poster was created collaboratively across members in the working group to identify some of the main port specific root causes as well as the preventive actions for the same.



Suggested Use




Personnel - Please forward this awareness pack on to colleagues in your port including management, supervisory, staff and also other tenants/suppliers on the port estate.

Distribution - These can then be downloaded, printed and posted at various strategic locations such as workshops, notice boards, staff canteens, smoking areas etc to raise awareness on statistics, causes and preventive actions across the organisation.

Discussions - The poster, attached alerts and HSE guidance can be further utilised to facilitate safety discussions and stimulate employee safety leadership through toolbox talks, leadership 'Walk the talks' and hazard hunts, just to name a few.

There is no charge and members can download the Workplace Transport Safety poster and members safety alerts below.


PSS Poster - Workplace Transport Safety PDF (7.18 MB) Download (7.18 MB)
Workplace Transport Safety - Fall from Cab PDF (226.87 KB) Download (226.87 KB)
Workplace Transport Safety - Fall from Payloader PDF (198.7 KB) Download (198.7 KB)
Workplace transport Safety - Plant Overturn Incident PDF (429.47 KB) Download (429.47 KB)
Workplace Transport Safety - Forklift Safety PDF (599.35 KB) Download (599.35 KB)
A guide to workplace transport safety - HSG136 PDF (1.57 MB) Download (1.57 MB)
Preventing Falls from vehicles INDG413 PDF (230.67 KB) Download (230.67 KB)