PSS Safety Poster - Slips, Trips and Falls

Published: Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 16:35

PSS Poster on Major Incident Category 'Slips, Trip & Falls' Ready for Download

Slips Trip and Falls is currently one of the top incident categories in UK Ports PSS with an average of 1047 work days lost to the industry. Members recently requested an awareness campaign for the membership in the form of a poster that members can use across the port premises, while at the same time spreading awareness about PSS and the work being done in the industry.

This poster was created collaboratively across members in the working group to identify some of the main Port specific root causes as well as the preventive actions for the same. Please forward this on to colleagues in your port to utilise for awareness, toolbox talks and training

There is no charge and members can download the Slips Trips & Falls poster below.


PSS Safety Poster - Slips Trips & Falls PDF (961.62 KB) Download (961.62 KB)