PSS Releases Container Deck Operations Vessel and Port Charter

Published: Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - 10:41

PSS is pleased to announce the launch of our Container Deck Operations "Vessel and Port Charter". The charter, created with the agreement and cooperation of UK ports, outlines the safety commitments for all visiting shipping lines to UK waters. 

This plan represents a compact between water and land-based operations to ensure the safety and security of all workers involved in container work. 

By agreeing to the principles established in the charter, ports and shipping lines are agreeing to:

  • Designate docked ships as the workplace of stevedores as soon as they embark.
  • Establish the legal and moral duty to protect the health and safety of stevedores and crew while at work.
  • Maintain working conditions on board each ship to ensure the health and safety of personnel on board.
  • Report any issues promptly and work with PSS and port authorities to implement timely solutions and corrective actions.

It is hoped that by enshrining these articles and encouraging shipping lines to cooperate with PSS and its members, we can make UK ports a safer place to work for key UK workers. 

Members can download a copy of the poster from the resources section or email for alternative formats.