PSS Key Initiatives 2020

Published: Friday, July 3, 2020 - 11:43


This year, PSS launched a range of initiatives designed to safeguard modern port standards, including an Independent Safety Process Assurance and a comprehensive response to COVID-19. Click below to learn more.


PSS video and safety poster on '7 Leading Principles of Safety in RoRo Operations'

RoRo poster


The 7 leading principles of Safety in RoRo Operations has been collectively produced by the ports industry with the support of Port Skills and Safety. One of the cornerstones of PSS’s strategy is to serve as thought leaders; to challenge, to learn and do things differently. This is a pioneering example of key principles created by employees from the sharp end, working together to proactively raise standards across the port industry (Click the link below to read the full article)

Click here to access the 7 principles of RoRo safety


PSS new edition of 'COVID Guidance Gazetteer'




Over the last few weeks numerous PSS stakeholders, including ports and government, identified a need to help industry with standard COVID19 guidelines. The feedback from our stakeholders was that guidance would be especially beneficial to members with stretched resources during these unprecedented times. (Click the link below to read the full article)

We have also included bonus content in the form of actual port risk assessments supplied by Port volunteers themselves. It also includes forms and checklists to help members meet their legal obligations.

  click here to access the latest version of the pss covid guidance gazetteer 


PSS 'Building Effective Safety Culture: A Guide to Good Practice in Ports' 

PSS has been central to evolving understanding, creating consensus, and building a shared vision of future success. This journey was fine-tuned 3 years ago with the creation of the sector priorities and the subsequent restructure of PSS into delivering what is now known as the ‘Whole Person Approach’. Helping members build effective H&S culture is an important cornerstone of this strategy.

PSS strategy

However, H&S Culture is a wide-ranging and highly nuanced topic. Members have continuously approached PSS to request a guide for enabling a positive H&S culture over the last few years.  The problem is magnified because one size does not fit all ports spread across the breadth of the UK. Creating a template that could be adopted by other organisations on the H&S culture journey is quite the challenge (Click the link below to read the full article)

Click here to access the guide to good practice

PSS Industry Self-regulation Initiative: SiP Impact Review Report



The Safety in Ports (SiP) Guidance Suite has been collectively produced by the port industry with the support of the Health and Safety Executive. This is a pioneering example of guidance created by employers and employees from the sharp end, unions and the regulator working together to reflect work as done across the port industry

Last year, the Health & Safety Executive challenged industry at one of our PSSG meetings. The challenge: ‘The SiP guidance documents are excellent guidance produced by industry for industry but with the rise in fatal incidents last year, how can we be confident that the material in these documents is being utilised in practice by ports?’. This gave rise to the SiP Impact challenge being conceptualized and lead by Port Skills and Safety. (Click the link below to read the full article)

P.S. - The SiP Impact Review process is now open to all of our members if you would like to participate and benchmark your organisation, contact to find out more.

click here to access the SiP Impact Review Report