PSS Annual Review 2020

Published: Monday, January 11, 2021 - 09:47

This time last year, many of us were anticipating the beginning of a new decade with a sense of optimism and renewed vigour. We here at PSS were certainly looking forward to a year in which we could build on past successes as we welcomed a new chairman and conducted a thorough strategic review. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before all of us had to adapt to the unexpected, as we were placed into lockdown and the ping of a Zoom call became the soundtrack to our lives. However, time waits for no-one and despite social distancing, PSS continued to make remarkable progress with a series of achievements that deliver tangible benefits to our members. To celebrate this progress and to inform our members of future initiatives, we have produced a review of 2020 complete with some selected articles from the twelve months and projections for 2021.

You can download the review here, as well as view it online in PDF form here. On behalf of the board, the Chief Executive, and the entire team at PSS, we wish you a Happy New Year and good tidings for 2021. 

Annual Review



PSS Annual Review of 2020 V1 (1) PDF (13 MB) Download (13 MB)