Port Marine Safety Code Compliance Submission for 2018 – 2021

Published: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 16:18

Members are informed that the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) Compliance related information note MIN556 has been uploaded on .gov.uk web

This notice sets out the PMSC compliance date for UK Ports, Harbours and Marinas for the Period of 2018-2021.

While the Code is not mandatory, it is endorsed by the UK Government, the devolved administrations and representatives from across the maritime sector and these bodies have a strong expectation that all harbour authorities will comply with it.

PMSC Compliance requirement for 2018-2021.

Every three years the duty holder of Statutory harbour authorities, private ports and other marine facilities is required to send a signed statement to the MCA confirming their organisation’s PMSC compliance.

The next round of compliance statements is due on or before the 31st March 2018. Statements should be sent in hard copy or via e-mail to the address given within the notice.


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