Open Consultation - Harbour Master National Occupational Standards (NOS) Review

Published: Friday, September 6, 2019 - 12:03

Please note the attached draft National Occupation Standards for Harbour Masters (as amended) following the May 2019 consultation.


PSS is seeking your views on the Harbour Master National Occupational Standards (NOS) as part of the final review (following the earlier 2019 review that members kindly contributed to earlier in the year). The document incorporates those changes and has been reviewed by a subject matter expert panel this week at our PSS offices in London. The amendments are marked as tracked changes.

Our Ask – For the purpose of registration, a positive response is equally as valuable to us in this NOS consultation as any suggested amendments. If you believe that the content is fit for purpose, please say so.

  • Please review the content only, the format and structure cannot be changed
  • Any feedback should be sent by email to reach us by 6th October 2019

Next Steps – At the end of the consultation period, any amendments will be review by the subject matter expert panel again. Following which, it will be submitted for approval to the National Occupation Standards database and can be used for qualifications henceforth.

Please send in your comments to 


2019 Draft Harbour Master NOS - final consultation version Sept PDF (484.52 KB) Download (484.52 KB)