NHS Scotland Launches Coronavirus '4 Things' Narrative Campaign

Published: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 11:57

Port Skills and Safety is delighted to share with readers the NHS Scotland Coronavirus '4 Things' Narrative Campaign launch, details below.


Four Key Interventions Stakeholder Toolkit


NHS Scotland




This campaign introduces the importance of four key interventions:

1. Get vaccinated

2. Follow health protection measures (FACTS)

3. If you have symptoms, isolate immediately and book a test

4. Follow restrictions including travel advice, here and overseas) These interventions must all work together in order to supress the virus.

A new end line to support this message has been introduced: Until we’ve all been vaccinated, protecting all of us, takes all of us.



Disclaimer: This Campaign applies to Scotland only and it does not reflect any PSS opinion,  affiliation or relations. It is spreading the message and sharing the Campaign launched with readers, only.


20-21 - Coronavirus - Stakeholder Toolkit - 4 Things Narrative Approach - Final - 24 Feb 2021 PDF (169.51 KB) Download (169.51 KB)