New Guidance on Biomass Wood Pellet and Chip in Ports now available

Published: Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 15:38

The development of practical, user guidance is a key part of our work in the industry.  We commit to the creation of new guidance that reflects the continuously evolving port workplace to keep our guidance appropriate and current.  Following a joint review by industry professionals, the HSE and Unite the Union we are pleased to issue this new guidance on Biomass Wood Pellet and Chip   

This guidance highlights the hazards associated with Biomass Wood Pellet and Chip.  It addresses topics including:

  • Types of biomass.
  • Confined and enclosed spaces in ports.
  • Potential hazards associated with wood pellet and chip
  • Hazardous atmospheres - asphyxiation and other noxious gases acute effects
  • Management controls for hazardous atmospheres
  • Fire and self-heating.
  •  Management controls for fire prevention
  •  Explosion
  •  Management controls for preventing explosions
  •  Occupational health.
  • Occupational health - management controls.
  • Consultation, cooperation and coordination
  • Conveyor systems.
  • Example checklist for planning vessel arrival and discharge  

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