International Maritime Pilots Association - Pilot Ladder Campaign

Published: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 16:04

This year's IMPA campaign looked again at pilot ladders and other means of transfer.  With data collected from around the world, over a two week period (1-14 October 2018).  4,431 'means of transfer' were reviewed including pilot ladders, gangways and deck to deck.  Of the sample, 3852 were compliant and 579 were not.

The report lists:

  • compliance by geographical region
  • compliance by vessel type
  • compliance by means of transfer
  • defects reported/not reported to relevant authorities
  • details of defects by means of transfer (e.g. 17.9% of pilot ladder 'steps not horizontal' out of 485 defective pilot ladders)

A number of UK ports are now calling up approaching vessels as part of their pilotage procedures and asking them to confirm that the pilot boarding arrangements are suitable and fit for purpose.  This is not a requirement but is seen as industry best practice.

The IMPA 2018 report is available from the link below.   

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