Industry Self-regulation Initiative: SiP Impact Review

Published: Thursday, July 16, 2020 - 16:07

The Safety in Ports (SiP) Guidance Suite has been collectively produced by the port industry with the support of the Health and Safety Executive. This is a pioneering example of guidance created by employers and employees from the sharp end, unions and the regulator working together to reflect work as done across the port industry

Last year, the Health & Safety Executive challenged industry at one of our PSSG meetings. The challenge: ‘The SiP guidance documents are excellent guidance produced by industry for industry but with the rise in fatal incidents last year, how can we be confident that the material in these documents is being utilised in practice by ports?’. This gave rise to the SiP Impact challenge being conceptualized and lead by Port Skills and Safety.

PSS responded by launching a review on behalf of the industry at the start of the year. The SiP Impact Review was conducted across eight different UK port sector organisations, which has established how SiPs are being used across the sector.

Special Thanks to Forth Ports and their secondee, Robert Mitchelmore and all our member ports that demonstrated safety leadership by being the first ports to raise their hands and volunteer for the SiP Impact Review. 

The SiP Impact Review process is now open to all of our members.  Contact to find out more.

The full report is available in the attachments below.



Safety in Ports Guidance (SiP) Impact Review Report_3 PDF (2.03 MB) Download (2.03 MB)