HSE Transport and Logistics Forum Update

Published: Friday, October 11, 2019 - 09:02

HSE’s Transport and Logistics team have provided the following update on this year’s plans for a Logistics Forum meeting and some of the work that they have been involved with in recent months.

Logistics Forum meeting

Over recent years the Logistics Forum has taken place around late Autumn but with continued uncertainty around the EU exit, they have decided not to proceed with a Forum this year. This was a late decision, but they deferred as long as they could with a view to maximising clarity around the EU Exit position along with any potential impact on transport and logistics.  With the political process continuing it became clear that forum member time / resource around November and for (as yet) an undetermined period of time afterwards, could be dedicated to competing priorities which are likely to arise.  For that reason HSE will continue to keep the timing of any future Forum under review but wanted to thank forum members including PSS for our continued collaboration and efforts in achieving improvements in this industry sector.

Logistics Projects

The following represents a short summary of some of the work that has taken place over the year:

  • The joint working pilot in West Yorkshire finished in March and has been very successful in highlighting issues with load security.  The data gathered during the pilot and subsequent work identified issues with a number of poor-performing vehicle  operators and HSE are working with DVSA, Highways England, and the police to see how best they can engage with those companies and wider industry to seek improvement in load security practice. The pilot  has been developed into wider-scale joint working such as  Operation Pennine which runs from 23 September to 18 October 2019. Operation Pennine is a multi-agency operation involving six police forces, Highways England and DVSA to improve road safety along the M62 corridor which is a vital route for both national and international freight. Officers will be looking at a range of safety issues, including vehicle condition, driver compliance, and load security, and taking enforcement action where appropriate. Operation Pennine does not just look at heavy goods vehicles: all vehicles must be safe and legal. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/month-long-crackdown-to-improve-road-safety-on-m62
  • Working Groups were set up to cover the areas of: chain of responsibility; ; design of trailers; car transporters.
  • In the areas of chain of responsibility and simplifying guidance, HSE have in parallel been working with their Insight team to better understand end user and audience needs. The purpose of the Insight led research work which is due to feedback in the coming weeks, is intended to compliment the work of the working groups so that HSE have a fuller picture on how to proceed with, as yet unpublished HSE guidance on load security.  This guidance was produced about 5 years ago and already covers the areas of the mentioned working groups BUT prior to any publication, HSE wanted to ensure that any product considered working group views, the possibility of illustrating chain of responsibility issues through case study and importantly that messaging was suitable for the intended audience.  HSE will share the findings as soon as they are able.


PSS: thanks again to all of our members who contributed to the work this year on guidance to lorry drivers in the simplifying guidance workstream, in which we represent the industry


  • The industry led groups for car transporters and the design of  trailers continue to meet and are making good progress in identifying improvements and guidance to support users.
  • HSE insight led research into MSD work in logistics, carried out in collaboration with industry, has provided them with a better understanding of the barriers and challenges the industry faces in reducing the incidence and consequences of MSD injuries and long-term ill-health. HSE are currently evaluating the results of the research with a view to determining how best to take this work forward and how they can best share the messages.
  • HSE activity on work- related road risk (WRRR) remains a priority.  The review of the joint DfT / HSE guidance ‘Driving at Work’ is ongoing as is HSE's collaboration with partners to research the reach and currency of existing guidance.  HSE are working with stakeholders to raise awareness of work related road risk and share the message of how this should be managed using the plan, do, check act method. 

HSE hope that we find this update useful and are assured of their commitment to the issues highlighted in HSE’s Transport Sector plan.