HSE Logistics Forum - Simplifying Guidance Working Group

Published: Tuesday, July 3, 2018 - 12:38

 PSS was invited to join this working group by the HSE. It is one of a series of groups (there is also a “Designing out the problem” group for example) looking at different aspects of load security/safety. It is important for our industry with its vital role in the logistics chain to be at the table, to feed in port views and to continue to influence the work.

Delegate organisations of the HSE Logistics Forum, along with PSS also include ASDA, DVSA, FTX Logistics, Highways England, HSE, JCB, Royal Mail, Unite, USDAW

Poorly secured loads can cause incidents and disruption on the road as well as incidents during load removal. Several bodies have an interest in ensuring proper securing of loads. Those enforcing health and safety want to ensure risks are appropriately managed including risks from loading and unloading as well as risks to others transferred onto the road network.

There are numerous challenges ahead, for instance, the logistics industry is complex and fragmented. It is seldom a single organisation that is responsible for vehicle loading, transit and unloading. The industry also has increasing pressure to reduce costs and meet tighter delivery times and other customer demands as the overall demand increases and the nature of the workforce changes.

Poor load security is a persistent issue as indicated by the large number of on-road prohibitions issued by the police and DVSA, this inspite of a range of guidance and information on securing loads that has been available for some time most notably the Department for Transport’s safe loading of vehicles codes of practice, European best practice guidelines on vehicle loading and DVSA Load securing: vehicle operator guidance as well as industry-specific guidance documents.


  • To develop an approach for most effectively communicating with those key players or groups in the logistic chain that have responsibility for load security so they are fully aware their legal responsibilities and what they should do to discharge them.
  • To persuade those that are aware of the need for compliance to take responsibility and take the appropriate action.
  • Empower drivers by raising awareness of their own responsibilities and those of others in the Logistics chain.


  • To identify key groups for messages on load security
  • To identify simple but effective messages and disseminate in the most efficient way.
  • Carry out a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research to improve our understanding of drivers and transport manager’s perceptions and understand attitudes and behaviours towards health and safety; particularly relating to ‘risk-taking’ behaviour.
  • Work with other groups to share information and good practice

This is a task and finish group. Our aim is to have completed the work by end of March 2019.

The attached update also includes information on the preliminarily agreed areas and a compilation on Ports feedback on the first pass draft of 5 Golden Rules ( photo below)

Golden rules


For more information click on the attachment below:


Guidance Working Group - PSS Member Briefing Note 1 PDF (561.43 KB) Download