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Published: Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 11:31

HSE Logistics Forum

HSE is seeking to take a wider role in transport safety - primarily on our roads. To address this challenge, HSE has a number of activities ongoing.  On 1 November 2018 Martin Temple, HSE Chair addressed the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety to update on the work around work-related road risk.  On 14 November, the HSE Logistics Forum met in Coventry, with load security as its focus.  The slide packs are available below.   

HSE Transport Safety Interventions

These currently include:

  • Logistics and Transport Sector Plan.
  • Focused work programme through its Logistics Forum including setting up working groups to look at road transport safety.  PSS are participants in the Forum and sit on one of the working groups looking at the role of drivers in the logistics chain.  Janice Martin's slides below show progress of the various groups
  • Literature review of work-related road risk by HSL, including research on current good practice on management of work-related road risk, developments in technology and if the joint HSE/DFT guidance “Driving at Work” requires updating. 
  • High level engagement (HSE Chair) with: Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).
  • West Yorkshire joint pilot with DVSA, local authorities, Highways England (HE) and Humberside and West Yorkshire police on load safety.  The pilot seeks to establish new and better links for more effective joint working, including data sharing and an enforcement led approach that will allow targeting of those businesses that are not effectively managing the risks around loading of vehicles.  There are some photograph examples of frighteningly poor load securing practice in the HSE presentation below.

examples of frighteningly poor load securing practice in the HSE presentation

Load Securing Assurance

An area of particular focus by HSE is…

How to provide assurance that a load is secured and loaded to a recognised standard?

The proposed solution is to...

Provide written assurance

HSE's aim is for provision of written assurance to be recognised as Industry Best Practice, fully supported by the Regulators, DVSA, HSE, Police and the Traffic Commissioner.  Such a process would require the identification of who was responsible for loading and securing the load.  They would then provide written sign off that it is secured and loaded in accordance with either: • DfT Loading Code of Practice • EU best practice guidance • DVSA load securing guidance or • Published, industry specific guidance.  Where part of a load is removed (multi-drop), further sign off assurance would need to be provided.  

potentially raises a number of significant challenges for ports

This potentially raises a number of significant challenges for ports handling sealed cargo for example in freight containers.  As soon as HSE's consultation is ready we will ensure that it is available to ports for comment.


Key points from Martin Temple’s Speech

In a sentence: we should expect to see a continued HSE focus on improving load security and management of overall work related road risk

  • 500 work related road deaths/year with massive human and economic impact [See the presentation on Load Securing below for examples of the impact of shed loads on traffic and business]
  • Complexity in level and range of duty holders and also in regulators/regulation (police, gov’t, DVSA,  etc) “What is key is that we all play to our respective strengths and where enforcement powers are the right ones for our roles”
  • HSE wants to make “new impact” and “add a vital voice and actions to the sector”
  • West Yorkshire pilot
    • is looking for new and better links, data sharing between agencies and also an “enforcement led approach” to target “businesses that are not effectively managing the risks around loading of vehicles”
    • looking at loading: “includes the site where the vehicle was loaded so it allows HSE to identify consignors who are regularly sending non-compliant vehicles onto the road network, endangering other road users and those involved in unloading the vehicle”
    • first month – 91 insecure load vehicles (44 prohibitions, 73 fixed penalties).  41 having “no load securing whatsoever” (further 15 had inadequate load securing) even with heavy items that “we know will kill and injure”
  • Key risks: load securing, work at height, manual handling
  • Suggestion to extend RIDDOR to include work related road safety incidents
  • Role of driver
    • “particularly concerned that … the driver is seen as the first person to blame”
    • “strongly believe that it is not enough to say that the driver is responsible and no-one else is”
    • “Can it be right that frequently a driver has to drive a lorry that is unstable because they have not had an appropriate opportunity to check and ensure that they have a safe load? In some cases, not even allowed to go to the toilet when at a depot.”
    • “Is it always the fault of the driver of a vehicle which has not got the correct equipment to secure the load?  Unfortunately, despite this, it is often the driver who appears to carry the can for others in chain. It seems not right to me”
    • Implied that the emphasis on driver’s duty is allowing consignors etc. to “pass on responsibility or neglect of duty of care to others” will not wash.  HSE has the “powers to go up the chain of activities to bring to account those people and organisations who fail the drivers and the general public through the unreasonable conditions they impose on their drivers.”
  • HSE believe that the imposition of extremely tight delivery deadlines is a significant contributor to road transport related risk.


We will continue to represent port sector interest in improving the safety of loads on road and rail.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the slide packs or our involvement in the various HSE groups.



HSE and DVSA Presentation for FORUM event Nov 2018_ PDF (2.92 MB) Download (2.92 MB)
Load Security Presentation Nov 18 PDF (5.75 MB) Download (5.75 MB)
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