Covid19: Member Operations and Best Practice Shared by Scottish Engineering

Published: Friday, June 26, 2020 - 12:30

Port Skills and Safety is pleased to inform the readers, the addition of the "COVID-19 Updated Member Best Practice Share" , shared by Scottish Engineering, attached below.

Scottish Engineering has continued to receive excellent best practice examples from across our membership so that we can share advice for continuing operations, or planning to restart where closed.


These have been combined with our Return To Work Webinar guidance from this week into one new document with links to external support materials, decision flowcharts and visual examples to help member companies continue to implement safe social distancing and reduction of infection risk.

Scottish Engineering


  • There are many useful Best Practices being used in several Industries, to keep the employees and clients "Covid-19 Safe", in line with the Government Guidelines currently in force. It can help to broaden and demonstrate an array of possibilities to keep business safely running and as such, it contributes as a source of  best practice for the most  diverse branchs of Industries, including the Maritime & Shipping Industries.


Best_Practice_COVID_19_June_2020_v3 PDF (1.52 MB) Download (1.52 MB)