Container Deck Operations - Vessel and Port Charter

Published: Monday, May 30, 2022 - 15:54

PSS are launching a “Vessel and Port Charter” with the purpose of ensuring the health and safety of all persons working on container deck operations.

The launch will take place on Wednesday 15 June at the Multimodal 2022 Exhibition being held at the NEC Birmingham over 14 – 16 June.

Any PSS Members attending the Exhibition are welcome to visit with the PSS team for the launch.

The Charter sets out health and safety expectations for shipping lines and related commitments for UK ports. The intention being that both parties sign up to the Charter to ensure a collaborative approach to healthy and safe work execution. By working together, UK ports can be safer places to work for both vessel crews and port stevedores.

There are some fundamental principles at the base of the Charter.

  • All parties have responsibility, both legal and moral, toward the health and safety of stevedores and vessel crew
  • The ship becomes the stevedore’s workplace as soon as they board, it is essential that working conditions on the vessel cannot adversely affect any personnel  
  • Through ensuring a safe working environment, ships can reduce the likelihood of injury and ill health onboard and port stevedores commit to working safely and efficiently  

The Charter directs required actions toward both shipping lines and ports to deliver performance against these principles, these actions cover.

  • Reporting and actioning vessel defects
  • Planning safe loading and discharge
  • Provision and use of safe access and egress
  • Functional vessel lighting
  • Safety of mooring lines
  • Securing hatch covers
  • Collective and personal fall protection
  • Safe handling and storage of equipment
  • Lashing inspection
  • Clear communication between all parties