Consultation on CLASS Golden Rules for Drivers - Draft 2

Published: Monday, November 12, 2018 - 14:50

As most of our members may be aware that load safety/security is an HSE priority. The Health and Safety Executive has emphasised the importance of this at numerous PSSG meetings recently. There are also various joint HSE-Industry-Union working groups looking at generating improvement ideas in this area and PSS is representing the industry views within these working groups.


Earlier in the year, we consulted with our membership on Draft no 1 of Golden rules for drivers and fed back your inputs to the group. After considering the feedback from Ports and other sectors the HSE have produced Draft 2 of the golden rules below and we are seeking your views this latest draft 




CLASS Golden Rules


  • Check you are confident your load has been loaded evenly and correctly.
  • Look at the load and visually inspect it to make sure it’s secure before you drive away.
  • Ask yourself, if all the ancillary equipment such as straps and blocks are secure?
  • Slowly drive away, assess the feel of the load.
  • Stop if you find anything that might endanger you or others and report it immediately

Consultation Questions


We would like to hear your views on the following questions.  To assist, we have included the original ports comments from the first, somewhat different draft in section 4 below (please refer to the attachment for more details)

These may be useful in deciding if draft 2 has adequately addressed the original ports comments.


1.            Do you think that the CLASS golden rules model works in principle?

2.            Do you think that this will work in a port context?

3.            Do you have any proposed amendments/other comments?


Please send your responses to the consultation question on the CLASS golden rules to latest by 14 November and Cc


Golden Rules for Drivers (002) PDF (158.85 KB) Download