Bollard Safety

Published: Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 14:18

The HSE issued a notice recently following a bollard failure where the bollard had sheered off leaving its base still attached to the quay.

We are working on updating the joint PSS/HSE guidance on mooring at the moment. In the mean time, here is the standard that the HSE inspector set out for those with a responsibility for mooring operations…

  1. Ensure that mooring equipment employed to safely secure vessels within the harbour are suitable for the size of vessel moored and all loads applied by the forcible weather conditions and sea state.
  2. Develop policies and procedures to ensure that suitable mooring equipment is employed to safety secure vessels within the harbour.
  3. Demonstrate that all bollards and associated equipment is suitable for the size of vessel that could foreseeably be moored in the various sections of the Harbour. This should take into account all loads applied by foreseeable weather conditions and sea state that might arise in the various sections of the harbour.
  4. Carry out appropriately detailed risk assessments for all areas of the harbour to validate the continued use of existing equipment.

Where the risk assessment identifies short falls ensure suitably rated equipment is installed and its limitations of use are clearly known and identified;

  • Ensure that detailed inspection of mooring equipment is carried out and the results recorded, the level, extent and periodicity of the inspection should be derived from the risk assessment OR
  • Any other suitable means of reducing risk to employees and the public to this issue.