2017 Port Industry Accident Statistics - Published

Published: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 12:16

Coinciding with the launch of the inaugural Maritime Safety Week and the forward-thinking objectives of 'Safety Underpins Success' and Celebrating Successes'. PSS is pleased to publish the Annual Port Industry Accident Statistics.

While it is a mammoth undertaking to help reduce accidents across a huge variety of ports, with vastly different operations across the UK sector, the success of the UK Port industry is that we have achieved over 60% reduction in injuries since the year, 2000.

Maritime Safety Week

The success of the UK Port industry is that we have achieved over 60% reduction in injuries since the year 2000.

Through the leadership of PSS over the last year and various visits to the Ports and CEOs, we have managed to condense a list of common priorities from the Port CEOs, senior leadership and safety teams. Two of these Port Chief Executive six key priorities for the sector are "Early Information Sharing" and "Improving Data. " One of the ways PSS supports the industry is by collecting accident data from the member ports to help give the industry a better understanding of the accidents in the industry so that member ports can plan corrective and preventive actions to further reduce these accidents.


CEO priorities


This report outlines the accidents in the UK ports industry in 2017 and the data represents accidents across 59 member companies covering approx. 161 ports.

The detailed report sets out:

  • 2017 Findings
  • Annual Incidence Rate
  • Reportable injury rate by Employee Type showing Injury distribution across employees, contractors, third parties
  • Organisations with zero Lost Time Injuries
  • Long-Term Trends
  • Lost Time Injury Frequency
  • Injuries across different operations such as RoRo, Containers, Stevedoring, Conservancy, Passenger
  • Occurrence by location such as quay, ship, road etc
  • Occurrence according to hazards like driving, slip/trip etc



Port Skills and Safety Members can download the entire report below

2017 Port Industry Accident Stats