Member Enquiry - ENQ002: Training for Port Tug Drivers

On the 16th September 2021, Port Skills and Safety received an enquiry from a member concerning the training of port tug drivers.

Are there any training companies that provide official certificated training for Port Tug Drivers who drive Terberg type tractors and load / unload freight trailers onto RORO Ferries?

 The responses to this query have been compiled and formatted in the attached document for your convenience. The information contained in this document has been compiled with due attention to generally accepted good practice and, where appropriate, regulation. The views expressed by contributors are based on their experience and reflect an intent to share learning to prevent incidents and improve health and safety. Responsibility for health and safely compliance remains with the duty holder.


ENQ002 - 16-09-2021 - Training for Port Tug Trainers PDF (202.99 KB) Download (202.99 KB)