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A New Board for a New Year

06th November 2020
It is a truth universal

Using Technology to Underpin Safety

05th November 2020
One of the more sombre inclusions in the Accident Stats Report

PSS Communications in 2021

04th November 2020
In a year that, in staggering defiance of the laws of time and space, has felt

PSS in 2020

03rd November 2020

Introducing the "Protecting Quay People" Campaign

02nd November 2020
As 2020 ends, it is easy to look back on the past twelve months with a slight sense of despondenc

New PSS Board refreshes drive forward of pioneering safety and skills standards

15th October 2020
We are pleased to announce a new expanded board; sworn in to continue to drive forward pione

Port Marine Safety Code Compliance Submission for 2021-2024

14th October 2020
PSS would like to draw the attention of the readers to the Marine Info

PSS Members Take Action : Spotlight on Self Mooring Fatalities

01st October 2020
PSS was established with the mandate to work with the industry to prom

Safety Alert: First Aid, CPR and Covid-19 - Shared by Port of Tyne

15th September 2020
Early Information Sharing is a PSS priority; aimed at proacti