Whose Choice is it anyway? - 134 Port Skills and Safety Group Special - Glaziers Hall, London

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Glaziers Hall
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An immersive One-Day workshop designed to imbue participants with ownership and the practical leadership skills to challenge unsafe actions and conditions

Wednesday 22 May 2019 – Glaziers Hall, London

After months of preparations with award-winning organisations in London, Port Skills and Safety are offering practical leadership training for the first time. This workshop will progress through four specially sequenced experiential and immersive training sessions which aim to nudge behavioural change in people and organisations. 

This workshop is relevant to all levels and disciplines of management within the Port Industry as well as safety professionals and suppliers.


Session 1 Spotlight : Your Choice - The Human Consequence

Workers being observed in an office


We are proud to be working with Active Training Team, an award-winning team of professional writers, trainers, facilitators, psychologists, coaches and actors. 

This first session of a full-on day of learning examines several factors that lead to a near-fatal accident and the cultural issues that allow the contributory hazards to go unchallenged. It includes interactive experiences, film, drama, live action, exercises, participation and facilitated discussion.

Participants experience the build-up to the incident, are witnesses to the incident itself, and taste for themselves some of its immediate and long-term consequences.

Leadership Learning Outcomes of Your Choice: The Human Consequence

  1. Understand the organisational factors that create conditions for accidents to emerge 
  2. Understand the cultural issues allowing contributory hazards to go unchallenged
  3. Provoke employees to re-evaluate the priority of safety in operations


Session 2 Spotlight - Your Choice: The Legal Consequence



We are proud to be working with TT Club, Keoghs LLP and Outer Temple Chambers to deliver this expert session. These organisations are leading providers of claims-related services, risk management services, legal services for businesses and individuals in the industry

This second session of a full-on day of immersive learning examines the life-changing legal consequences, post incident. Participants rarely have the opportunity to see the workings inside of a courtroom and this session will introduce viewpoints that they may never have considered during their employment or been aware of. Up until now.

Leadership Learning Outcomes of Your Choice: The Legal Consequence

  1. Critical understanding of the Duty to take “reasonable care” and responsibility for safety outcomes.
  2. Post-incident advice from insurance experts and understanding how prosecution decisions are reached
  3. The real life trial processes including giving evidence, cross-examinations etc
  4. Sentencing guidelines for Health & Safety offences


Session 3 Spotlight - Your Choice: Starting the Conversation

Mates in Mind


We are proud to debut our working partnership with Mates in Mind to deliver this bespoke expert session. Mates in Mind is a registered charity operating in the UK, that aims to provide clear, practical support and guidance to employers on mental health, mental illness and mental wellbeing.

"Right now, one in six workers in the UK is experiencing depression, anxiety or stress. Suicide is now the leading cause of death in men between 15 and 49. Three out of four suicides are men. Too many men are struggling alone"

In 2016, the Health in Construction Leadership Group hosted a summit for CEOs and leaders from across construction who overwhelmingly voted to improve the mental wellbeing of its workforce. Mates in Mind is the reality of that vision, now adapting its vast expertise from the UK construction industry to the UK Port industry.

This Third session of a full-on day of immersive learning brings practical mental health awareness centre stage. This training session is for port members to understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to mental wellbeing in the workplace as well as its hidden role in safety incidents.

Leadership Learning Outcomes of Your Choice: Start the Conversation

  1. Understand what is meant by 'Mental Health'
  2. Identify the pressures facing an employee
  3. Understand why people are reluctant to talk about mental health
  4. Identify how pressures affect Mental Health
  5. Identify ways of looking after our own mental health
  6. Identify the signs that someone else needs help
  7. Understand the hidden role of Mental Health in accidents
  8. Know exactly what to say and do if employees need help
  9. Recognise that's it's OK and beneficial to talk about mental health


Session 4 Spotlight - Your Choice: Practical Leadership




Having been immersed in an incident and the consequences, workshop participants come away with a deep, lasting awareness of their responsibility for their own safety and that of colleagues. This final session builds upon the immersion and provides participants with training in communication tools and their practical application. Participants end the day empowered with a new skill set and perspective to actively influence business and safety outcomes within their organisations.

Leadership Learning Outcomes of Your Choice: Practical Leadership

  1. Create lasting awareness of employee responsibility for their own safety and that of colleagues
  2. Practical communication tools to demonstrate safety leadership in organisational situations


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