Ask Members - ENQ001 - 2022 - 13-01-2022 - Virtual Vessel Planning Software

On the 13 January 2022, Port Skills and Safety received a member enquiry concerning Virtual Vessel Planning Software


Do any of our members use any visual vessel planning software to help with planning vessel arrivals, berthing locations, working times and departures. The purpose of which is to provide a tool that port operational teams can use to see what is in the plan, allocate appropriate working berths and quaysides and plan expected vessel working resources and times and vessel departures to provide indication of when berths and quaysides become available.  If so are there any software packages off the shelf that are available, are there any software development companies that our members have used for such a purpose or are there any tools that our members would be willing to share.  


The responses received have been compiled and formatted in the attached document for your convenience. The information contained in this document has been compiled with due attention to generally accepted good practice and, where appropriate, regulation. The views expressed by contributors are based on their experience and reflect an intent to share learning to prevent incidents and improve health and safety. Responsibility for health and safely compliance remains with the duty holder.


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