Safer Ports Initiative

Following the success of the Safer Ports Initiative (SPI1) there was overwhelming support within the ports industry to maintain the improvement in health and safety standards through the creation of a second phase of the Initiative.

Safer Ports Initiative 2 (SPI 2)

Safer Ports Initiative 2 was launched on 10 May 2006, on HQS Wellington, London. Around 80 senior representatives from throughout the ports industry attended the launch, to lend their support to the Initiative and demonstrate the wide commitment to achieve continuous improvement. The speakers at the launch included senior representatives from government, the Health and Safety Commission, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, trade unions and industry, reflecting the partnership approach to the Initiative.

Research identified that a focus on improving skills to enhance health and safety and business performance was a significant factor in the success of the Safer Ports Initiative. Accordingly, SPI 2 focussed on promoting the business case for an integrated approach to health, safety and skills through the central themes of:

  • Leadership
  • Sensible risk management
  • Industry standards, qualifications and training opportunities
  • Worker involvement
  • Sharing good practice and partnership working

As part of SPI 2, a series of regional events were held around the UK to promote the themes of the Initiative. The SPI2 initiative was concluded in 2010. Further information about the success of the SPI work can be obtained by contacting us at