First Aid

However good our health and safety procedures may be, ports will always be places where people can get hurt. We can – and do – try to prevent accidents, but it would be foolhardy to pretend that they could never happen at your port. Injuries can occur even in the best-managed port operation; and when they do the first thing you want is first aid.

That’s why Port Skills and Safety supports first aid in the workplace. Having skilled first aiders on the staff can (and has) made the difference between an accident and a tragedy – literally. First aiders have to be trained and go on being trained, to keep their knowledge and confidence at a peak. It’s a small investment in training – but one of the most worthwhile any employer can make.

This section of the website provides visitors with information on general first aid issues, as well as the Ports Industry Annual First Aid Competitions and the Annual First Aid Conference. The Conference is open to all who wish to attend and is usually held in October or November; please check the news and events page for details of the forthcoming conference. The competitions and conference events are administered by PSS on a self-funded basis.

There is also an archive of written and scenario based test papers available, of tests used in the Competitons going back to 2003.