Information Papers

Title Code
128 PSSG Meeting - Aberdeen - 3-4 May 2017 Inf2017002
PSSL - HEALTH & SAFETY IN THE EYES OF THE LAW - 2-Day workshop Inf2017001
2015 Port Accidents - Final Report Inf2016005
125 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2016003
124 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2016002
123 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2016001
122 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2015003
121 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2015002
120 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2015001
PSS Confined Spaces Seminar Inf2014011
Proposed revocation of Merchant Shipping (Weighing of Goods Vehicles and other Cargo) Regulations 1988 and three other regulations Inf2014010
Proposed revocation of three Merchant Shipping Access Safety Regulations Inf2014009
Guide to completing RIDDOR Industry and Occupation on-line - UPDATE Inf2014008
119 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2014007
118 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2014004
New Joint Industry Guidance Documents Published! Inf2014003
Harbour Master Certificate Programme 2014 Inf2014002a
117 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2014001
116 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2013016
Port Industry Accident Statistics 2013 - Half Year Inf2013014
IMO Container Weighing Proposals for DSC18 in September - Final Version Inf2013013
Safety Information - Counterfeit Refrigerant - Exploding Reefers - Update Inf2013012
Port Industry Accident Statistics Report Full Year 2012 Inf2013009
Harbour Enforcement seminar for English and Welsh ports - Tuesday 22 October 2013 Inf2013008
BS7121-2-9 Inspection, maintenance and thorough examination of port cranes consultation Inf2013006
115 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2013005
114 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2013002
CD248 Proposals to revise First Aid Training HSE Approval Reqt and ACOP Inf2012024
Hartlepool Fatality - September 2012 Inf2012023
Port Industry Accident Statistics Report Half Year 2012 Inf2012022
CD241 HSE proposals to review Approved Codes of Practice ACOP Consultatation Inf2012018
2012 Half-Year Accident Statistics Request Inf2012016
CD239 HSE Proposals to remove fourteen legislative measures Submission by PSS Inf2012015
113 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2012014
CD239 - HSE Proposal to remove fourteen legislative measures Inf2012013
Port Industry Accident Statistics 2011 Inf2012012
IMDG Code Course - 18-19 June 2012 Inf2012011
New RIDDOR Reporting Requirements from 6 April 2012 Inf2012010
New Asbestos Regulations Come into Force 6 April 2012 Inf2012009
112 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2012007
CD238 HSE Revoke of 7 Statutory Instruments Submission by PSS Inf2012006
Inf2012 005 Unsafe Pilot Ladder Incident Inf2012005
CD238 HSE Proposal to Revoke Seven Statutory Instruments Inf2012004
Explosive Security Officer Course - 26 April 2012 Inf2012003
Inf2012 002 Safety Alert - Reporting Unsafe Conditions and Acts Inf2012002
2011 Full Year Accident Statistics Request Inf2012001
CD237 HSE Revision of Asbestos Regulations Submission by PSS Inf2011030
CD235 HSE Cost Recovery Submision by PSS Inf2011029
111 PSSG Meeting Report Minutes Inf2011027
Inf2011 026 Safety Alert - Reefer Container Explosions Inf2011026